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Meet The Man Behind The Meat, Chef J. Williams

With a passion for creating what he refers to as "taste bud addictions," Jvon Williams, a North Carolina native has become known locally and privately for his unorthodox creations. Raised in the south, he is making a name for himself by proudly continuing the tradition of "smoking meat" while celebrating down home culinary and Caribbean blended specialties. 

Williams brings meaning to a Caribbean twist on down home flavors of the south and elevates the heights by offering a unique variety of tastefully infused "Authentic" Jerk rubs incorporating natural local fruit and extractions. 

Chef, husband, father, and community volunteer are some of the many titles held by Williams, all of which he balances while continuing to build The Smoke N Jerk brand. As a result of the impacts of COVID-19, Chef Williams organized and created Food Truckers 4 Kids. To date, they have fed over 3,000 children collectively with Knightdale Elementary School and various community organizations, restaurants, and food trucks. Jvon is passionate about giving back as well as providing opportunities for other entrepreneurs and thus has organized food truck rodeos for emerging markets and communities. 

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